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Bespoke e-commerce development for Pop Robin Cards

Hugh Grigg | Kensio Software | Monday 1 Jun 2020

I developed a tailor-made, custom e-commerce system for Pop Robin Cards.

Pop Robin Cards E-commerce Development

Pop Robin Cards sells 3D pop up cards such as birthday cards and Christmas cards. The bespoke e-commerce solution that I developed manages the inventory and sales process end-to-end, including stock management, search, payment and customer communications via e-mail.

The e-commerce product search system allows search for greetings cards, for example those most relevant to “cherry blossom”. This is powered by ElasticSearch with a Redis cache to keep it fast and responsive.

Multiple payment systems including PayPal and Stripe are integrated to give customers a choice of payment options. An Etsy API integration also syncs products and orders with Etsy to generate more sales on an alternative marketplace with centralised e-commerce management.

The web frontend is SEO optimised in several ways, including multiple taxonomy systems for internal linking and discoverability. Products are linked from an Occasion taxonomy, for example Valentine’s Cards. A Tag taxonomy indexes the themes and content of different product, such as Flower Cards. There is also a Suitable Recipient taxonomy that allows viewing products in groupings including “Cards for Father”. These taxonomies are also combined to make more specific and helpful categorisations such as “Birthday Cards for Father”.

This customised e-commerce platform also has several social media integrations. Every page has meta tags optimised for social media, so that the best title, description and social media image are selected when a page is shared on social media or messaging platforms. The system also makes automated posts to social networks based on trending products.

The order process includes a series of emails to inform the customer of the status of their order, from order placement, dispatch and tracking codes from Royal Mail.

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