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Custom e-commerce development for Moment Wall Art

Hugh Grigg | Kensio Software | Saturday 1 Aug 2020

I developed a customised e-commerce system for Moment Wall Art. The e-commerce system is serverless to deliver a fast and efficient user experience at low operational cost.

Moment Wall Art E-commerce Development

The e-commerce system manages Moment Wall Art’s product catalogue, including a detailed taxonomy system. This allows for specific catalogue pages such as Japanese wall art and Alphonse Mucha Prints, letting customers find art pieces that interest them.

Despite being serverless with a static web frontend, the e-commerce website has a full product search system. This allows searching for art prints using keywords such as “Mucha nouveau” to find specific art pieces that a customer might be interested in. The search solution uses pre-generated JSON index files that are included in the static site build and deployed to S3 for high-speed responses at low cost.

Stripe is integrated as the payment handler, providing a streamlined checkout experience and secure transactions. This also allows the checkout process to remain serverless, keeping operational costs low while maintaining high availability.

The e-commerce system is also integrated with Etsy via their API, with inventory synchronized out and orders synchronized back in to the main system.

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