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Wordpress conversion and web development for East Asia Student

Hugh Grigg | Kensio Software | Friday 1 May 2020

I provided conversion of a WordPress website into a fast and cost-efficient static website for East Asia Student.

East Asia Student Web Development

Due to a combination of high-quality content and good SEO, the education website receives a relatively high level of traffic, which was becoming expensive to host for WordPress. Ensuring that the WordPress installation was up-to-date and secure also required ongoing work. Converting the website from WordPress to a static website system made it cheaper to operate, faster to use and more secure.

A large part of the conversion work was extracting existing content from the WordPress MySQL database and generating Markdown files to replace it. A Python script automated the content conversion.

The WordPress theme was also replaced with a redesigned static theme with more efficient CSS to render more quickly in users’ browsers.

The new static website is hosted in AWS using S3, Cloudfront and Route53.

Contact me about WordPress conversion and AWS development.

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