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Etsy integration for Moment Wall Art

Hugh Grigg | Kensio Software | Thursday 1 Oct 2020

Moment Wall Art sells art pieces on its custom e-commerce website as well as via Etsy. I provided an automated Etsy integration to manage products, inventory and orders between the two systems.

Moment Wall Art Etsy Integration

The Etsy synchronisation system is implemented in Python. It reads and writes between Moment Wall Art’s bespoke e-commerce system and the Etsy API. Product data including descriptions, images and pricing is kept up to date in Etsy, while orders are synchronised back from Etsy into the e-commerce platform for easier order processing and inventory management.

This integration runs in AWS Lambda as part of the serverless architecture behind Moment Wall Art. Using serverless functions to run ad-hoc workloads lowers costs and saves time that would otherwise need to be spent managing servers and other infrastructure pieces.

Contact me about Etsy API integrations and development.