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Custom e-commerce search development for Moment Wall Art

Hugh Grigg | Kensio Software | Sunday 1 Nov 2020

Moment Wall Art needed a fast and efficient e-commerce search solution for their online sales system. I was able to provide a scalable, low-cost search solution with a quick turn around.

Moment Wall Art E-commerce Search Development

You can see the search system at Moment Wall Art, for example by searching for “Japanese river”.

The e-commerce sales system is primarily a static website to ensure high scalability and fast response times, with low operating costs. The new search solution builds on top of this static system by pre-building indexes of the product data into individual JSON files that are separated by keyword. These keyword-based JSON index files are deployed alongside the rest of the e-commerce website in AWS S3 with CloudFront in front of them as a distributed caching layer.

When a customer searches for art pieces to buy on Moment Wall Art, a small piece of vanilla JavaScript code fetches the relevant JSON index file for each keyword, each of which contains optimised product data relevant to their respective keyword.

The product data in the keyword index files is then aggregated and rendered to the page for the customer to browse through.

Due to the front end optimisation and static back end powering this solution, search result pages are highly responsive, and the solution has low operating costs.

Contact me about custom search solution development.

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