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Hire a Freelance E-Commerce Developer

E-commerce development is a large space, and is continuing to grow in 2023 as more and more consumers choose to make their purchases online. Building or expanding your e-commerce presence can be a powerful way to generate more revenue and reach a wider market for your products.

Contact me about your e-commerce development project and I can help you deliver a profitable, customised e-commerce solution. I can also improve your existing e-commerce system, and build integrations between platforms that your business uses.

E-commerce development platforms and frameworks

There’s a plethora of different e-commerce development platforms and frameworks serving different use cases. They have different deployment models, ranging from SaaS (Software as a Service) options like Shopify, to self-hosted frameworks such as Magento. Platform costs can also differ markedly, from free open source software frameworks to the more expensive service-like options.

Contact me about building or expanding on e-commerce platforms for your business, or integrating systems to create more value.


Despite being a relative new-comer in the e-commerce platform space, Shopify is probably now the most famous. Shopify manages to sit at the centre of the SaaS and framework realms, being both a full service product and a customisable platform.

Shopify has a full set of APIs, which make customisation possible via API development.


BigCommerce is similar to Shopify in that it’s an e-commerce SaaS platform that is customisable via APIs, which allow software developers to build extensions.


Magento is perhaps the most well-known e-commerce framework, and was one of the earlier contenders in this space. It’s large and flexible enough to handle almost any e-commerce project, but has also gained a bit of a reputation for being too large and somewhat cumbersome in some situations.

As Magento is a software framework, it’s directly customisable. It also offers a range of APIs to allow integrations without altering your application code.

E-commerce marketplaces

I can develop system integrations and APIs between the different platforms that your business uses, including e-commerce marketplaces like the below.

Amazon and FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)

FBA is an interesting player in the e-commerce space, as it offers no only an e-commerce platform, but also an integrated “fulfilment as a service” system so that in theory you can also outsource this aspect of your business to Amazon’s services.

As you might aspect, Amazon’s e-commerce marketplace allows API integrations. Amazon is also a giant in the cloud software infrastructure space with AWS (Amazon Web Services).


An old player in the e-commerce marketplace world, eBay has been chugging along in a mostly unaltered fashion for decades. It is also the owner of the Magento framework mentioned above.


Focusing on the hand-made crafts space, Etsy is a large and well-known e-commerce marketplace. The Etsy API is versatile and robust, allowing a range of software integrations and extensions to be developed.

Custom e-commerce development

I can develop a customised e-commerce system for your business, tailored to your exact needs and fulfilling your ideas. A customised e-commerce system is likely to be more streamlined and efficient, have better load times, and better suit your needs and the needs of your customers.

Contact me about your e-commerce development project.