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Hire a Freelance Etsy Integration Developer

Etsy is a bigger e-commerce platform than many people realise, with $1.725 billion in revenue in 2020.

Etsy also has quite a nice API that lets you programatically interact with most of their platform. You can use the Etsy API to build business integrations which can push your existing product catalogue, manage inventory and synchronise orders back into your system.

I’ve developed Etsy API integrations for businesses such as Pop Robin Cards and Moment Wall Art (you can read more about those integrations via those links).

What language is best for an Etsy API integration?

As the Etsy API is designed as a REST API using HTTP, you can implement an Etsy API integration in any programming language. All modern programming languages have the ability to communicate with HTTP APIs like Etsy’s.

Etsy uses PHP internally and their API documentation gives examples in PHP. This would be a reasonable choice for developing your own Etsy API integration if your existing system uses PHP. The Etsy API integration for Pop Robin Cards is implemented in PHP.

Python is also a nice potential choice for integrating Etsy into your business. The Etsy integration for Moment Wall Art is implemented in Python.

You may find that the Etsy API isn’t totally consistent, and that some of the examples in the documentation don’t actually work as described. I’ve hit these issues myself and worked out solutions for them in the past, and would be able to assist your business in solving similar issues.

Hire me to build your Etsy API integration

I’d love to help your business get more value out of Etsy by developing an Etsy API integration for you.

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